2015 Summer School

29 June – 10 July 2015

NEW: PhD Days in EU Immigration and Asylum Law

The aim of the Summer School is to provide its participants with a comprehensive understanding of the immigration and asylum policies of the European Union from a legal point of view. The programme is organised by the “Academic Network for Legal Studies on Immigration and Asylum in Europe”, founded with the financial support of the Odysseus Programme of the European Commission and coordinated by the Institute for European Studies of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The course provides both the opportunity to live in a unique European environment, as Brussels hosts numerous European and international organisations and offers diverse possibilities of contacts, and to take part in an intellectually stimulating experience in a group of around one hundred participants specialised in the area of asylum and immigration from all over Europe. Participants typically include EU and Member States’ officials, civil societies representatives, researchers, lawyers, judges, doctoral researchers and graduate students.  The classes are conducted by academics from the universities cooperating with the Network, which is represented in all Member States of the European Union, as well as Switzerland and Norway inmore, and by high-ranking officials from international organisations, particularly the European Commission. Each class is, in principle, given separately in French and in English. Participation in the Summer School is rewarded with a certificate of attendance.

The classes, which are of legal character, tackle the most recent developments in the field. The latest work of the European Commission, the Council and Parliament are integrated into the teaching, thanks in particular to the participation of European officials as lecturers at the summer school. Each participant will receive extensive up-to-date documentation.

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