Border deaths and migration policies: state and non-state approaches



The conference will consist of: a) Three plenary sessions with invited speakers; b) Parallel workshops on specific issues; c) A final plenary session. In the workshops, participants will discuss, from both theoretical and practical perspectives, different issues related to border deaths. A provisional, non-exhaustive list of such issues includes: a) Statistics (e.g. collection and use of data regarding dead and missing persons); b) Dead bodies: the recovered and the missing (e.g. search of the missing; identification, treatment and burial of corpses); c) Living bodies: survivors and families of the victims (e.g. grief, psychological issues, rights, claims etc.); d) Legal aspects (e.g. accountability for border deaths; legal causes of border deaths; legal avenues to prevent/address border deaths); e) Migration policies (e.g. relationship between border deaths and externalization, securitization, privatization, criminalization etc.); f) Actors and roles (e.g. the roles of different state and non-state, for-profit and non-profit actors in determining, preventing and/or managing border deaths); g) Narratives (e.g. the different rhetoric deployed by different actors in engaging with border deaths); h) Comparative perspectives (comparing border deaths issues in different countries/regions of the world, as well as on different migratory routes). Workshops will consist of rounds of discussion among the participants – who will all have the opportunity to give brief inputs at the start – under the coordination of a workshop chair.

Keywords: migration, border controls, death, states
Language: English


Start date: 14-06-2018 00:00
End date: 15-06-2018 18:00


Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam


Organiser: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Contact email: