London’s future – speaking up for refugees and diversity


London’s future – speaking up for refugees and diversity ( English title )


London’s future – speaking up for refugees and diversity Join us for a panel discussion around refugees and what we can do as a host community to support and enable those in need, to speak up for diversity and the benefits that refugees can bring. Chaired by Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark. One of the big issues of our time is the crisis of forced migration and refugees. The causes behind forced migration are complex and people are forced to flee their countries for a variety of reasons. These include persecution and social injustice, the ravages of war and conflict, and the impact of climate change. The UK should be responding positively to the people currently fleeing persecution and welcoming them to safety. But, a positive response is not always forthcoming, from either the UK or other wealthy countries. London has always celebrated its diversity, however, with the Brexit vote we want to discuss at this event how to secure and enable diversity in London. Ultimately, to contribute to more welcoming environment for relocated/resettled refugees and improve conditions for refugee acceptance and integration in London and Europe. This event is part of the PROMISE Project: PROMISE (Promoting Refugee Integration Support through youth Engagement) aims to promote better acceptance of European decisions for refugees in host communities through awareness raising and discussion forums around key concerns. PROMISE Project is an EU funded, Europe-wide project comprised of London South Bank University and universities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Lithuania. Agenda This is a two part event: Part one: For current and interested participants in the Promise Project: 17:00 Overview of next steps 17:10 Poster display and peer-to-peer presentations 17:30 Q and A discussions Part two: Open, public panel discussion: 17:30 Arrive and networking 18:00 Welcome and introduction 18:15 Playback South (interactive theatre improvisation) – ‘London, What kind of city do we want to live in?’ 18:45 Panel Discussion chaired by Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark Speakers to be announced. 19:15 Audience Q and A - ideas for actions 19:45 Poster exhibition and refreshments 20:30 Close #PromiseRefugee Co-ordinated with support from the London South Bank University Global Challenges Institute and the School of Law and Social Sciences and HEC Global Learning Centre.

Keywords: Resettlement, Relocation, Displacement, Forced Migration, Host Community, Diversity, Refugees, London
Language: English


Start date: 29-03-2017 17:00
End date: 29-03-2017 20:00


Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Address: London South Bank University LR17 London Road Building London SE1 6LN United Kingdom


Organiser: London South Bank University
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