Addressing Refugee Crises in the Middle East and North Africa: Policy and Practice



The Middle East and North Africa region is one which has been facing inter and intra-state conflict for decades, with forced displacement being a major consequence. How have the current refugee crises in the region been a determining factor in global politics? How can responses to refugee crises such as those in Syria, Yemen, Libya, or Iraq continue to be depoliticized, and the main principles of international refugee and humanitarian law be upheld? What are the prospects for solutions to protracted refugee crises in the region? And how can multi-stakeholder processes have a greater impact, in light of the September 2016 United Nations General Assembly Summit? This short course aims to analyze the contextual construction of refugee situations and the policy frameworks in place to address them in the largest displacement crises since World War II.

Keywords: policy, Refugee Crisis, MENA
Language: English


Start date: 09-07-2017 10:10
End date: 13-07-2017 10:15


Country: Egypt
City: Cairo


Organiser: The American University in Cairo
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