Rethinking responsibility-sharing



Rationale The Global Compact on Refugees as well as ongoing discussions in the EU regarding the fair distribution of refugees provide an opportunity to rethink responsibilitysharing. Bringing together leading scholars and practitioners working in the area, this workshop aims to contribute to both discussions and inform policy-making through scholarly work. Speakers are invited to give a ten minute presentation, based on a short memo summarising their key argument. This memo will be distributed one week prior to the workshop. After the presentations there will be plenty of time to discuss individual ideas and interventions as well potential conclusions and policy recommendations. The conclusions of this event will be published in as part of the Policy Brief Series of the Refugee Studies Centre.

Keywords: Forced Migration, EU, responsibility
Language: English


Start date: 18-09-2017 12:45
End date: 19-09-2017 12:50


Country: United Kingdom
City: Oxford
Address: Meeting Room 3, Refugee Studies Centre 3 Mansfield Road OX1 3TB


Organiser: Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
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Registration required: No