The "Others" amongst "Us": Thoughts on Western Societies, Otherness, and the Law



Background and Ambition In a time of crisis, social divides become particularly visible. They affect notably minorities including immigrants. Looking at the area of immigration, the conference will focus on the Law and how it relates to social divides. Underlying is the notion that minorities at large and immigrants in particular tend to be conceived of as ‘others’ in society, which naturally raises questions on the construction and effect of ‘otherness’ in ‘our’ Western societies. There are many ways how ‘otherness’ could be approached. Likewise, there are as many ways as one could describe the society which characterizes the ‘other’. The conference and this call for papers seeks to bring together many perspectives, approaches, and ideas on ‘otherness’ in the context of migration. The ambition is to find commonalities and differences in the construction of 'otherness' in different political settings. While the conference will focus on otherness and the law, it is by no means open only to legal scholars. Ideally, the conference will be multidisciplinary and allow for ample discussion of the issues at hand across the boundaries of scientific disciplines, such as history, social and political sciences, anthropology, social geography, or law. Call for papers A Call for Papers can be found here. The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, 2 October noon (Leiden local time). Please send an abstract of your paper (500 words long) and a CV to Dr. Moritz Jesse. The selection of papers will take place within 10 days after the deadline has passed.

Keywords: European migration law, migration
Language: English


Start date: 08-12-2017 14:55
End date: 09-12-2017 15:00


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