The Future of International Migration Law



Programme: 13.00 – 13.15 Introduction by Interest Group conveners 13.15 – 15.30 Panel 1: ‘De-Fragmenting Paradigms in EU Migration and Asylum Governance: New Pathways to International Protection or Rising Threats to Global Public Goods?’ Moderator: Drs. Kristof Gombeer (VUB / Leiden University)  Dr. Nula Frei (University of Fribourg) ‘Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking in Asylum Procedures’  Dr. Daniela Vitiello (Roma Tre University; NCCR – On the Move) ‘The “agentification” of the EU-ropean integrated border management as a key component of the EU’s externalisation toolkit. From Frontex to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency’  Dr. Tamás Molnár (Corvinus University of Budapest; EU Fundamental Rights Agency) ‘The Place and Role of International Human Rights Law in the Return Directive and in the Related CJEU Case-Law: Approaches Worlds Apart?’  Drs. Chao Yi (McGill University) ‘Finding a Plausible Legitimizing Foundation of the Internal Relocation Principle under Refugee and Human Rights Treaties’ 15.30 – 15.45 Coffee break 15.45 – 17.45 Panel 2: ‘(Ab)normalities of international migration and refugee law: challenges and innovations’ Moderator: Dr. Tom Syring (Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board)  Dr. Ana Beduschi (University of Exeter) ‘The Big Data of International Migration: Challenges and Obligations for States under International Human Rights Law’  Drs. Gail C. Lythgoe (University of Glasgow) ‘Rethinking the Spatial Assumptions of International Refugee Law’  Dr. Ralph Wilde (University College London) ‘Unintended Consequences’  Dr. Vladislava Stoyanova (Lund University) ‘Populism, Exceptionality and the Rights of Migrants under the European Convention on Human Rights’ 17.45 – 18.00 Conclusions and follow-up (IG Conveners)

Keywords: migration law, Governance
Language: English


Start date: 06-09-2017 17:20
End date: 06-09-2017 17:25


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