Welcome to the ‘PhD Catalogue’:

Welcome to the PhD Catalogue which is part of a series of catalogues hosted by the Odysseus Network under its OMNIA project. This decentralised catalogue gathers information on PhDs in the area of EU Migration and Asylum Law and Policy with a view to providing a useful and reliable tool for current and prospective PhD students to discover other researchers and opportunities in their area.

The PhD Catalogue consists of 3 sub-catalogues. The main sub-catalogue gathers ongoing or concluded PhD research projects and is aptly called the
Ongoing & concluded PhD Catalogue
. The second
Prospective PhD Catalogue
and gathers information on projects of individuals willing to pursue a PhD. The last one is the
PhD Opportunities Catalogue
, wherein universities and promoters can inform on upcoming PhD opportunities.

This catalogue is hosted and administered by the Odysseus Coordination Team and filled by submission from the public. Therefore, your contribution is essential to make it a vivid and up-to-date tool.

You can click here to add your details to this catalogue or edit your current information. You can use the search function to find precise information. You may also simply browse the catalogue by clicking here.

For any query regarding one of our catalogues, please contact us at odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.be.

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