MADE REAL – National Reports

The national reports are an integral part of the project MADE REAL ‘Making Alternatives to Detention in Europe a Reality by Exchanges, Advocacy and Learning’ which was co-financed by the European Commission and implemented by the Odysseus Academic Network together with 13 national partners.

They cover the following Member States: Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They reflect the situation until April 2014. The research targeted Member States that had already implemented alternatives to detention in the immigration framework. It sought to ensure a sample that would be representative, to the greatest extent possible, by including Member States with distinct legal traditions, whose asylum systems have different capacities and whose geographic positions pose divergent challenges.

The analysis at national level was two-pronged and conducted by national experts, who are either members or are scientifically collaborating with members of the Odysseus Academic Network and experts from the partner organisations. Two questionnaires, one focusing on the legal framework and another focusing on the national practices, served to guide the experts’ inquiries.

The national research is based on desk research into legislation, administrative instructions and literature, followed by analysis of selected case-law on alternatives to detention, and interviews with national stakeholders, such as expert lawyers, government officials, judges and representatives of specialized civil society organisations.

Research at national level was undertaken and are accessible by clicking on the name of the rapporteurs on the table below:

Ulrike Brandl
Christoph Riedl, Christoph Steinwendtner (Diakonie Fluchtlingsdienst)
Pierre d’Huart and Sylvie Saroléa
Benoît De Boeck (CIRÉ)
Lyra Jakuleviciene
Vladimiras Siniovas and Vilma Ivankevičiūtė  (CSS)
Katarina Vučko
Saša Zagorc and Katarina Podlogar (ILREC)
Aleksandra Popovic
Alexandra Segenstedt (Sweden Red Cross)
Elspeth Guild
Sarah Campbell (BID)


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