Odysseus member from Germany Kay Hailbronner debates with James Hathaway about the EU-Turkey deal

Interesting debate on the legality of the EU-Turkey deal between Prof. Hathaway and Prof. Hailbronner. First is the interview of Prof. Hathaway: http://verfassungsblog.de/three-legal-requirements-for-the-eu-turkey-deal-an-interview-with-james-hathaway/. Then, a response from Prof. Hailbronner: http://verfassungsblog.de/legal-requirements-for-the-eu-turkey-refugee-agreement-a-reply-to-j-hathaway/ to which Prof. Hathaway replied back: http://verfassungsblog.de/taking-refugee-rights-seriously-a-reply-to-professor-hailbronner/.  

Publication from Odysseus Member about the refugee crisis in Slovenia

Dr. Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, Odysseus Member from Slovenia and Director of the Peace Institute, has contributed to an electronic publication with information on and analysis of the refugee crisis in 2015, focusing on Slovenia as one of the countries on the main migration route. The first chapter contains facts, the second focuses on key legal […]

Newsletters on Immigration Law, Asylum Law and CJEU Case Law by Odysseus Members

Odysseus Members in Radboud University Nijmegen have published the latest issues of their legal newsletters. The newsletter are available at the following links: Newsletter on European Migration Issues for Judges (NEMIS): http://cmr.jur.ru.nl/nemis/nemis.2016.1.pdf Newsletter on European Asylum Issues for Judges (NEAIS): http://cmr.jur.ru.nl/neais/neais.2016.1.pdf Overview of CJEU Judgements and Pending Cases: www.ru.nl/publish/pages/676102/cjeu_list_2016_1_int.pdf   Previous issues are available at […]

Call for Papers – The 2016 AHRI Human Rights Research Conference

The 2016 International AHRI Research Conference will take place on 2-3 September 2016 at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The title of the conference is: “50 Years of the Two UN Human Rights Covenants: Legacies and Prospects” The conference will serve as a platform for presenting international human […]

Call for Papers from OMNIA Partner on the Future of Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy

Europe’s crisis:  What future for immigration and asylum law and policy? Migration and Law Network 2016 Conference 27-28 June, London in association with Queen Mary University of London The European Union is today faced by significant movements of refugees and migrants from places which have experienced war or economic or environmental pressure. Combined with recent […]

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