Publications: Books & Journals

  • Special issue of Refugee Survey Quarterly, edited by Philippe De Bruycker and Lilian Tsourdi. (link)
  • Reforming the Common European Asylum System: The New European Refugee Law, edited by Vincent Chetail, Philippe De Bruycker and Francesco Maiani. (link)
  • Which Integration Policies for Migrants? Interaction between the EU and its Member States, edited by Yves Pascouau and Tineke Strik. (link)
  • Vulnerability in EU Law on Asylum. (link)
  • External Dimensions of European Migration and Asylum Law and Policy, by Philippe De Bruycker, Marie-Claire Foblets and Marleen Maes. (link)
  • The Future of Free Movement of Persons in the EU, under the supervision of Jean-Yves Carlier and Elspeth Guild. (link)
  • Immigration and Asylum Law of the EU: Current Debates, edited by Philippe De Bruycker and Jean-Yves Carlier. (link)
  • The European Immigration and Asylum Policy: Critical assessment five years after the Amsterdam Treaty, under the supervision of François Julien-Laferriere, Henri Labayle and Örjan Edström. (link)
  • The Emergence of a European Asylum Policy, Odysseus Network. (link)
  • The Emergence of a European Immigration Policy, Odysseus Network. (link)
  • Subsidiary Protection of Refugees in the EU, Odysseus Network. (link)
  • Regularisations of Illegal Immigrants in the EU. (link)



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