Online Version


Last year at the occasion at the 20th anniversairy of the summer school and due to the sanitary crisis, the Odysseus Network has decided to set up a new online version of the summer school on top of the existing onsite version. This will allow persons who cannot or do not want to travel due to the sanitary situation or for professional reasons to follow the summer school, including persons living far away from the EU. This version built on the platform Teams of Microsoft is identical to the onsite version regarding fees, languages, admission requirements, subjects, lecturers, documentation, PhD seminars, calendar, schedule, evening debates, certification, including networking activities as much as possible, but except obviously the visits to the EU institutions.

All the courses and evening events will be accessible live (meaning at the same moment they take place in Brussels). Online participants will be involved actively in the summer school. A moderator will allow them in priority to ask questions to the professor through a chat tool. For each course, all participants will have the possibility to test their level of understanding by answering multiple-choice questions.

All participants are allowed to mix the online and onsite versions of the summer school, so that they can decide freely to follow the classes at home or in Brussels depending upon their choice! In order to follow the online version of the summer school, you do not need more than a recent computer with a camera and a good internet connection. Technical assistance will be available during the entire summer school and a training session about the use of Teams will be organised a few days in advance.

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