The future migration pact & covid virus crisis


This 21th edition of the summer school will focus on the New Migration and Asylum Pact presented by the European Commission on 23rd September 2020. The opening session will be devoted to what is at stake with the pact and the evolution of the debate with the positions taken by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in the framework of the legislative process. Solidarity between Member States in liaison with the reform of the Dublin system, asylum and return border procedures, funding, power of agencies and screening of migrants will be among the issues that will be discussed. The debate will be fueled by the series of numerous posts on the elements of the pact that has been published on the Odysseus blog.

▪ The controversy about Frontex and the pushbacks that have taken place will be analysed in relation with the diverse types of control exercised upon the agency and its civil liability.

▪ The Covid crisis and its consequences for EU migration and asylum policies will finally be analysed with issues like the limitations of freedom of movement and the Digital Green Certificates proposed by the European Commission to facilitate the exercise of this freedom, derogations to the right to asylum and the principle of non- refoulement, internal border controls, as well as the consequences for return and detention policies.

▪ All those issues will be at the core of the discussions that will take place during the visits to the EU institutions (Council, Parliament, Commission). In case the sanitary situation would not allow visits on the spot, the speakers of the concerned institutions will be invited to come to the ULB campus where the summer school takes place.

▪ A forum will be opened on the electronic platform of the summer school in order to launch a debate about the future of the European immigration and asylum policies among the participants.

Special Collection on the ‘New’ Migration and Asylum Pact

In order to feed the debate, post about key issues of the New Migration and Asylum Pact and the sanitary crisis are published on the blog of the Odysseus Network about what is at stake with the new pact and the sanitary crisis are published on the blog of the Odysseus Network

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