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Summary land border expulsions in front of the ECtHR: ND and NT v Spain
in: European Database of Asylum Law

Year: 2017
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Hanaa Hakiki

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border controls, expulsion, push-backs
When ND and NT submitted their application to the European Court of Human Rights in February 2015, the latest Grand Chamber judgment on collective expulsions was Hirsi Jamaa and others v Italy App no 27765/09 (ECtHR, 23 February 2012), and there was a feeling that, in a context of intense externalization by the EU of both its border control and legal responsibility, the Court embraced its role as human rights safe keeper. As ND and NT’s applications progressed, the Grand Chamber published its judgment in Khlaifia and others v Italy App no 16483/12 (ECtHR, 15 December 2016), quietly overturning some of its jurisprudence on collective expulsions, yet leaving many questions open. ND and NT v Spain App nos 8675/15 and 8697/15 (ECtHR, 3 October 2017) is the first judgment on collective expulsions since Khlaifia.