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An Insignificant Change: The Review and Potential Withdrawal of Tamil Refugee Status in the UK
in: Border Criminologies

Year: 2017
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Rachel Seoighe

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refugee status, tamil
"Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in the UK have begun to receive letters from the Home Office’s Deprivation & Revocation Team informing them that the Secretary of State is ‘considering ceasing’ their refugee status. These letters are arriving at the doors of refugees who were granted, as is now standard practice under the Immigration Rules, a five-year term of leave to remain rather than indefinite leave to remain. The latter, more concrete status was the result of a successful pre-2005 application for refugee status. Today, the official awarding of refugee status is marked by uncertainty. That status is subject to ‘review’ at any time, dependent on a number of factors within and outside of the refugee’s control, from her own conduct to the political and social realities of her country of origin. An automatic review is carried out to ascertain the refugee’s continuing right to refuge at the end of the initial five-year term."