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A Temporary Asylum Law and Secret Legal Cases: The Swedish Migration Bureaucracy and its Exceptions
in: Border Criminologies

Year: 2017
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Martin Joormann

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asylum, Sweden
"My doctoral research focuses on asylum case decision-making in Sweden and draws on the review of over 200 last-instance decisions. Since the implementation of the Aliens Act of 2006 and subsequent establishment of the Migration Courts on 31st of March 2006, these decisions have been published as ‘precedents’ (in Swedish vägledande avgöranden) by the Migration Court of Appeal (hereafter the MCA). It is worth noting that these are the only legal decisions on asylum applications which are published in an official online-database of Sweden’s Courts – and, since 2015, further publicized by the MCA via Twitter. In contrast, asylum decisions taken at the first-instance Migration Board are, in general, ‘classified’ (sekretessbelagd), while the decisions of the second-instance Migration Courts are ‘public documents’ (offentliga handlingar) in the sense that most of the information which they include can be requested via email from the respective Court."