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Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Family Reunion Programme - A Comparative Study with the European Union
in book: Exploring the Boundaries of Refugee Law: Current Protection Challenges

Publisher: Brill Nijhoff
ISBN: 978-9004265578
Release year: 2015

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EU, australia, family reunion
Often families are separated during the refugee experience. Refugees may find it difficult to settle into the new State until remaining family members are able to join them. States differ in approaches to allowing entry to family members. This chapter will begin by outlining the background of refugee family reunion in Australia including discussion of recent developments. The relevant international obligations and standards that apply to family reunion will then be discussed. The additional human rights obligations in Europe will also be examined. A comparison will be made between the implementation of the relevant international standards in the European Union and Australia. The aim of this chapter is to highlight some of the barriers to refugee family reunion in Australia and examine the protections available at international law. The chapter concludes with recommendations for further protections which may assist with reference to the example of the additional human rights protections available in Europe.