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Seeking refuge in EU delegations abroad: a legal imbroglio explored
in journal: European Law Review

Volume number: 40
Issue number: 5
Release year: 2015
Page range: 722-743

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Sanderijn Duquet

Jan Wouters

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asylum, Customary law, eu law, Embassies, Extraterritoriality, Human Rights, international law, Refoulement
Assesses the legal basis for grants of refuge by the EU's diplomatic Delegations to third country nationals suffering human rights violations. Examines the relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961. Considers whether: (1) the non-refoulement principle has extraterritorial effect; (2) if so, this applies to the Delegations by virtue of ECtHR case law or the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union art.19.