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KEY CHALLENGES IN THE COMBAT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING Evaluating the EU Trafficking Strategy and EU Trafficking Directive
in journal: New Journal of European Criminal Law

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Release year: 2016
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Alice Bosma

Conny Rijken

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human trafficking, EU Trafficking Directive
The problem of trafficking in human beings (THB) is still omnipresent in Europe, despite the numerous preventive and retributive actions taken. Th is article evaluates the two most important EU-instruments to combat trafficking: the EU Directive and the EU Strategy. Based on secondary analysis of reports, policy reviews and scholarly writings from organisations, EU institutions and academics, key challenges in combating human trafficking are identified and an evaluation of the extent to which these instruments have addressed these challenges is made. Th e key challenges are subdivided following the three-P paradigm (prosecution, protection and prevention) and are the following: defining THB, non-punishment, low number of persons convicted of THB, corporate liability, identification of THB and victims of THB, conditional protection, prevention and neglect of vulnerable groups. In addition a multi-disciplinary approach and the current migration fl ow were identified as key challenges and the two instruments are also evaluated on these aspects.