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Emerging challenges of the Temporary Relocation Measures under EU Asylum Law
in journal: European Law Review

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Release year: 2016
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Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi

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Relocation, Dublin System, Border control
The ongoing migratory pressure on the EU has had a dramatic impact on frontline Member States, especially Greece and Italy, confirming the systemic failure of the Dublin system to allocate State responsibility for an asylum application and urging immediate actions in the framework of the recent European Agenda on Migration to cope with the increasing number of asylum seekers. Against this backdrop, the article investigates the nature and scope of the recent provisional measures that have been adopted to relocate within the EU asylum seekers who have applied for international protection in Greece and Italy. By discussing the main emerging challenges within the broader EU asylum law framework, including those stemming from the recent EU-Turkey deal, it will be posited that, despite constituting an important first move to the implementation of a model of solidarity across the EU, an effective system of relocation of asylum seekers must depart from the existing logic of responsibility allocation and address the different needs for protection in the reception of asylum seekers.