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Migrating from Pakistan to Greece: Re-visiting Agency in Times of Crisis
in journal: European Journal of Migration and Law

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Release year: 2017
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Michaela Maroufof

Hara Kouki

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asylum, Greece, Pakistani
This paper focuses on migration from Pakistan to Greece in an attempt to uncover the dynamics of the regulation of irregular migration (and asylum-seeking) in Greece. It examines the factors, policies, and actors that influence the plans, actions, and decisions Pakistanis make before leaving their country and when arriving in Greece. After setting the background against which Pakistanis enter and settle in the country, we trace these migrants’ decision-making process throughout their movement based on a series of qualitative interviews. While a variety of actors and factors are at play in the way people move from the one country to the other, masculinity emerges as the framework within which these come together.