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Future challenges of European citizenship - facing a wide-open Pandora's box
in journal: European Law Journal

Appears in this special issue:
Special Issue on EU Citizenship

Volume number: 13
Issue number: 5
Release year: 2007
Page range: 573-590

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Samantha Besson

André Utzinger

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citizenship, enlargement, identity, Solidarity
This special issue arose from a conference at the University of Fribourg in May 2006 on the future challenges of European Union citizenship (hereafter EU or Union citizenship). Object of a burgeoning literature in the past decade, the topic of Union citizenship has been sidelined in the past few years by the enlargement process and the constitutional debate in Europe.3 This apparent academic neglect does not reflect the legal, social and political reality, however, given the crucial development of EU citizenship rights in the legislation and case-law since 2002 and the decisive impact of European enlargement and constitutional discourse on the understanding of identity and solidarity in Europe. These changes and the new questions they raise provided the impetus for the present collection of articles.