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Internal border controls in the European Union: Recent challenges and reforms
in journal: European Law Review

Volume number: 37
Issue number: 3
Release year: 2012
Page range: 249-269

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Carsten Willemoes Jorgensen

Karsten Engsig Sorensen

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border controls, eu law, Free movement of goods, Free movement of persons, Schengen area
Recent events, involving inter alia France and Denmark, have stimulated renewed interest in the introduction of different forms of border controls at the internal borders within the European Union. These border control measures are aimed at checking either persons or goods or both. Against the background of these events, this article analyses the existing rules regulating controls of persons and goods, and explores how these rules may or may not stand in the way of introducing border controls at the European Union's internal borders. These events have resulted in a call for reforms of the current rules. This article examines the Commission's currently pending proposed changes, and discusses other possible reforms that would clarify the existing rules.