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The Truth at Borders: Asylum and the Structure of Inequality
in journal: Glendon Journal of International Studies

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Release year: 2017
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Francesca Anastasia Winona Kennedy

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LGBTQI, border, Border and Migration Control, criminalization of migrants
Many states and international organizations based in the West or in Western doctrines claim to dedicate themselves to the safety and fair treatment of refugees, yet it is becoming increasingly clear that these words contradict reality. Protectionist border controls coupled with the criminalization of migrants through gendered and racial discourses perpetuate the danger of being a modern asylum-seeker. In examining this dichotomy, this paper argues that the borders of Western states are sites where global structures of inequality become visible, despite the supposed “liberal” attitude of these states. The securitization of offshore border sites, detention centres and the case of queer migrants are used to support this argument through the treatment of asylum seekers.