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International Protection and SOGI (English and Italian)
in journal: GenIUS - Rivista di studi giuridici sull'orientamento sessuale e sull'identità di genere (English and Italian)
International Protection and SOGI ( English title )
in journal: GenIUS - Journal of Legal Studies on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ( English title )

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Issue number: 2
Release year: 2018

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Brazil, Dublin Regulation, ECHR, EU Asylum Law, Family Reunifications Directive, Germany, International Protection, LGBTI Rights, SOGI minorities, Spain, UK, CEAS reform, Italian Asylum and Migration Law, Credibility, Intersectionality approach, International Law of the Sea, Reception and Integration, Right to Family Life
In the context of the current Mediterranean ‘crisis’ and ongoing negotiations of migration policies at national and European Union (EU) level, this Issue explores some of the problematic aspects raised by sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) asylum claims. Going beyond the studies available in this field, which are often focused only on the refugee status determination, the contributions published in this Issue scrutinize the entire process of claiming asylum undertaken by SOGI people in need of international protection. Adopting different perspectives based on international, EU and domestic law, all authors advance appropriate proposals to overcome the legal obstacles that prevent, to this day, the protection of SOGI claimants and the full enjoyment of their human rights in Europe and beyond.