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The first decade of EU migration and asylum law

Publisher: International Bibliography of the International science
ISBN: 978-9004212039
Edition number: 1
Release year: 2012

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Paul Minderhoud

Elspeth Guild

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migration policy
More than a decade has passed since the appearance of the first issue of the European Journal of Migration and Law, which was established to examine the intertwining of issues of law and migration in the EU. This volume has been compiled to celebrate that anniversary. The journal itself is the basis for the book: authors who have written the most significant contributions for the journal on the relevant issues to the Area of Freedom Security and Justice (AFSJ) have revised and updated their articles in light of current developments. These are supplemented with new chapters on issues which have turned out to be particularly important to the development of the field. The success of the journal has demonstrated the need for informed, independent academic research on the changing nature of immigration and asylum in Europe, and this volume too seeks to meet that need. It offers a unique and lively collection of essays covering the field of EU immigration and asylum law from a variety of perspectives.