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Diritti di cittadinanza e libertà di circolazione nell'Unione Europea (Italian)
(English title: Citizenship Rights and Free Movement of citizens in the European Union)

Publisher: CEDAM
ISBN: 881-3331479549
Edition number: 1
Release year: 2012

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Bruno Nascimbene

Francesco Rossi Dal Pozzo

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Libera Circolazione delle persone, Unione Europea, Cittadinanza Europea
The book examines one of the most relevant fields of the European Union Law, which acquires more and more importance when the Treaty of Lisbon is established and puts the citizen at the centre of the EU political agenda. Lisbon establishes a new right of legislative initiative which grants EU citizens a wider democratic participation in the EU political dynamics. A particular attention is given to the right to circulate and reside attributed to EU citizens. With the proclamation of the "European Year of Citizenship" in 2013, the necessity to underline a common sense of identification of European Citizens to the European Institutions is very much stressed. The book provides an analysis of the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union in matters of European Citizenship and and Free Movement of People and the right to residence.