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From Association to Accession: How Free is the Free Movement of Persons in the EU

Publisher: Eleven
Edition number: 2011
Release year: 2011

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Iris Goldner Lang

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This book analyzes the pre-accession and post-accession process in the field of free movement of persons in the EU. It examines the extent to which nationals of States covered by the Europe Agreements and Stabilization and Association Agreements derive rights related to free movement and non-discrimination under three categories of economic movement: as workers, as self-employed persons, and as service providers. The book discusses a number of controversial issues related to the topic of free movement, such as access to the Member States' labor markets and the right to family reunification. Furthermore, the treatment of special categories of non-EU nationals from States that have signed the Europe Agreements and Stabilization and Association Agreements is particularly relevant in light of EU enlargement and change in the status of these individuals upon accession. When a new Member State joins the EU, there is usually a transitional period during which its nationals may, in at least some Member States, be unable to enjoy the full rights accorded to EU citizens.