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Best Interest Out of Sight - The Treatment of Asylum Seeking Children in Hungary
Release year: 2017
Organisation: Hungarian Helsinki Committee

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Anikó Bakonyi

András Léderer

Zsolt Szerekes

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asylum, migration, Hungary, Child rights
The Hungarian asylum procedure is one of the fastest in the EU, with only one instance of administrative decision making, carried out by the Immigration and Asylum Office (IAO, hereinafter referred to as the asylum authority)2 , and a one-instance judicial review. Specific accelerated and border procedures were introduced into Hungarian asylum law in 2015, as well as the notion of land-border transit zones.3 In 2016, the Asylum Act4 and the Act on State Borders5 were amended to further hinder access both to the territory of Hungary and to the asylum procedure. The amendments entered into force on 5 July 2016, allowing the Hungarian police to automatically push back asylum-seekers who are apprehended within 8 km (5 miles) of either the SerbianHungarian or the Croatian-Hungarian border to the external side of the border fence, without assessing their protection needs or even registering them.