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'Hotspots' an der EU-Außengrenze. Eine rechtliche Bestandsaufnahme. Arbeitspapier (German)
'Hotspots' at the EU External Border. A Legal Survey ( English title )
Release year: 2017
Organisation: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law

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Catharina Ziebritzki

Robert Nestler

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external borders, Hotspots
How does the EU’s “hotspot approach“ influence asylum procedures and reception conditions in refugee camps at the EU external border? Does the “hotspot approach” and its implementation respect fundamental rights of asylum seekers and rule of law principles? This paper studies the approach and its implementation, using the example of the Greek Aegean islands. As the EU relocation decisions and the EU Turkey Statement alter the implementation of the hotspot approach in the Greek Aegean, these instruments have to be taken into consideration. The hotspot approach leads to a modification of both asylum procedures and reception conditions at the EU external border. The paper focuses on the law and administrative practice of hotspot asylum procedures and eventually looks at reception conditions in hotspot facilities and annex-camps.