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Two Years After: What’s Left of Refugee Protection in Hungary?
Release year: 2017
Organisation: Hungarian Helsinki Committee

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Hungarian Helsinki Committee /

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Asylum Seekers, Dublin System, Hungary, push-backs, criminalisation
The HHC's new Information Note summarizes the changes that took place since Fall 2015 in the field of asylum and shows how these changes have erected, step-by-step, a new wall around Hungary. “We have one message for refugees: Don’t come!” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a press conference in Brussels on 3 September 2015. Since then, this warning has been put to effect through extremely restrictive legislative and policy changes. These changes resulted in a willingly destroyed asylum system in a European Union member state. Only 26 years after the fence at the Austrian-Hungarian border was opened, a new 175-km long fence closed the Hungarian-Serbian border on 15 September 2015. The physical barrier at the border embodies the start of a new era in asylum policy in Hungary.