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Louise Hombert

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Discipline: Political Science

Degrees BA: Political sciences


Master’s Degree in Public Policies and Opinion

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Cities and Refugees: To a comparative analysis of the migratory “crisis” as a political opportunity for European metropolises. The cases of Paris and Barcelona.

Brief description:

My thesis project aims to analyze the emergence of a new form of local public action in two European cities which challenge the management of the "refugees crisis" by the European Union and the various member states. The interest lies in seeing how these cities, by taking up this public problem, try to assert themselves as a political actor on national and international stages, in particular by seeking to define a new common strategy for a concerted migration management by networking.


Keywords: Refugee city, Public policies, NGOs, Collective action

Language(s) of writing: French

Country: France

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Paris Dauphine University


IRISSO (Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Sciences Sociales)

Supervisor: Emmanuel Henry
Start date: 01-10-2017
PhD current status: PhD Defended
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Added to catalogue on: 04-10-2018

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