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Emanuela Roman

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Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: BA International Relations (University of Padova, Italy)


MA Human Rights (University of Padova, Italy)

LLM Comparative Law, Economics and Finance (International University College of Turin, Italy)

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Cooperation on Readmission in the Mediterranean Area and its Human Rights Implications

Brief description:

This work analyses the external migration policy of the European Union and its Member States in the Mediterranean area, focusing on policies, instruments and practices of cooperation on readmission. In particular, the purpose of this study is to critically analyse European and bilateral readmission policies by examining the increasing use of informal quasi-legal instruments of cooperation, as well as the effects that the use of such instruments may have in terms of limiting or violating migrants’ human rights. This research aims to investigate whether there has been a shift towards ‘informalisation’ in cooperation on readmission in the Mediterranean area both at European and bilateral level, and if so, what are the features of this ‘informalisation’ process and its implications on migrants’ human rights. Firstly, I examine the development and main features of cooperation on readmission at the European level, focusing on its two main instruments, i.e. European readmission agreements and Mobility Partnerships. Secondly, I investigate cooperation on readmission at the bilateral level, focusing on three case studies in the framework of Euro-Mediterranean relations (i.e. migration cooperation between Italy and Libya, Spain and Morocco, Greece and Turkey). This analysis demonstrates the existence of a process of ‘multi-level informalisation’ of cooperation on readmission, which has clearly emerged not only at the bilateral level but also at the European level, with the recent adoption of broader and more informal frameworks of cooperation. Finally, this work analyses how informal modalities of cooperation on readmission at both levels may impact on the ‘asylum-related human rights’ of migrants (i.e. the principle of non-refoulement, the right to seek asylum, the prohibition of collective expulsion, the right to an effective remedy), limiting their possibility to access protection.


Keywords: cooperation with third countries, mediterranean, READMISSION, Informal Agreements, right to asylum

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: Italy

Home University:

University of Palermo



Supervisor: Elena Pariotti
Start date: 01-01-2014
(Expected) date of completion 23-03-2017
PhD current status: PhD Defended and Accessible
PhD research funded by: Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research
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Added to catalogue on: 16-10-2018

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