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Discipline: Law

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Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

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Turkish asylum law in view of the protection standards of international and European Law

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With more than 3,5 million refugees, Turkey is host to the largest refugee community worldwide. Turkish asylum law has evolved in the context of its accession process to the European Union, however it still maintains the geographical limitation to the 1951 Geneva Convention. The protection offered by Turkey seems to lead refugees to head for the EU countries in the hope of finding a more effective protection. As a result, in face of a migrant influx, the European Union has cooperated with Turkey used as a transit country by these migrants. The cooperation between the EU and Turkey is subject to continuous criticism from a legal perspective regarding the non-refoulement principles and the safe third country concept. The first question in this respect is whether Turkey, as an official candidate country to the EU, offers a protection to refugees in accordance with the protection standards of European law, as required by the accession process. Linked to the answer to the first question, the second question is whether the policies of the European Union aiming at controlling migrant flows by cooperating with Turkey are in line with international and European law and principles.


Keywords: turkey, international law, European asylum law, European accession process

Language(s) of writing: French

Country: France

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Université Paris-Saclay, Univ-Evry


Centre deRecherche LĂ©on Duguit

Supervisor: Claire Brice-Delajoux
Start date: 02-10-2017
(Expected) date of completion 30-10-2020
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