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Duygu Ozaltin

Discipline: Political Science

Degrees BA: International Relations, Economics


Mediterranean Studies

Security Studies

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Forced migration disentangled: how do armed conflicts lead to forced migration?

Brief description:

This dissertation explores the reasons behind variations in the volume of violence-induced forced migration and makes an original contribution to literature in three ways: first, it goes beyond the general axiom of 'violence causes people to flee' by ranking the main factors and expanding the scope of data to include all types of armed conflict including terrorism and eliminates the handicap of skipping from one dataset to another to assess the effect of each major factor. Second, being able to weigh each independent variable sheds light on why the same set of factors present in one country causes people to flee, while they do not in another. Third, it utilizes a mixed methodology approach by having a global time-series analysis and a case study of Iraq complementing each other. The findings have implications both for the development of forced migration literature and policy making: keeping an up to date database such as the one in this study presents an overview of the forced migration puzzle as a whole and it can help to understand and identify past and future forced migration trends while managing expectations about upcoming ‘crises’.


Keywords: Forced Displacement, Forced Migration, Internally Displaced Person, Refugees

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: United Kingdom

Home University:

University of Kent


School of Politics and International Relations

Supervisor: Nadine Ansorg
Start date: 26-09-2016
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
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Added to catalogue on: 26-10-2018

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