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Discipline: Political Science

Degrees BA: BA Arabic and Islamic Science


MA Sociology and Gender Studies

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Collective Accommodation of Asylum Seekers in the Europes

Brief description:

This research explores reception condition in reception facilities in selected European member states. It investigates structures and functioning of refugee « camps » and asks which political factors and levels influence conditions in the camps. In order to identify the role of European regulations, national asylum policies and local environments, refugee camps in three European member states will be investigated. The project is guided by the main assumptions that functionality and organization of reception facilities depends on three intermingled variables: local factors, national asylum regimes and supra-national EU regulation. And furthermore that the quality of standards, hence living condi-tions, are more influenced and determined by local factors and national asylum policies than EU regulations. Emanating from these assumptions, in-depth fieldwork in reception facilities, in-depth analyses and comparison of respective national asylum policies and transposition processes of EU-directives can shed light on these unexplored aspects and consequences of asylum politics within the European Union.


Keywords: Asylum, Europe, Reception Conditions, Human Rights, Comparative Policy Studies, ethnographic fieldwork

Language(s) of writing: French and English, and German

Country: Austria / France

Home University:

University of Vienna


Faculty of Scoial Science, Institute of Political Science

Supervisor: Sieglinde Rosenberger
Start date: 01-10-2017
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
PhD research funded by: University of Vienna
Name of grant: UNI:DOCS
Added to catalogue on: 22-11-2018

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