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Lorenzo Vianelli

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Discipline: Political Science

Degrees BA: Cultures and Human Rights


International Cooperation

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Governing Asylum Seekers. Logistics, Differentiation, and Failure in the European Union's Reception Regime

Brief description:

The dissertation employs Foucauldian analytical tools to explore the multiple and contested ways through which asylum seekers are governed through reception in diverse contexts in the EU. Combining the analytical perspective of governmentality with a regime analysis which resembles those proposed by critical migration studies, the thesis aims to identify features and functioning of a possible EU government of asylum seekers, which is defined as EU reception regime. Through a rich empirical study primarily based on semi-structured interviews with a range of different actors in several contexts in Italy and Sweden, three key modes of operation of the EU reception regime are identified: logistics, differentiation, and failure. These three modes of governing asylum seekers, it is argued, attribute to the EU reception regime three specific qualities by transforming it into a reception industry, a reception roulette, and a reception dispositif.


Keywords: Asylum Seekers, Common European Asylum System, Dublin System, Harmonisation, reception conditions, secondary movements

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: UK

Home University:

University of Warwick


Department of Politics and International Studies

Supervisor: Vicki Squire and Stuart Elden
Start date: 01-10-2013
(Expected) date of completion 18-04-2018
PhD current status: PhD Defended
PhD research funded by: Warwick Graduate School
Name of grant: Chancellor's Scholarship
Added to catalogue on: 15-01-2019

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