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Arndis Anna Kristinardottir Gunnarsdottir

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Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: B.A. in Law


Mag.Jur. and LL.M

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Freedom of Religion and Migration

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The preliminary hypothesis of the research proposal is that the relatively new focus on religious affiliation and religious practices in the general human rights discussion in Europe has blurred the focus when it comes to human rights of migrants, notably freedom of religion. The proposal suggests that by centralizing the concept of religion, let alone one religion in particular, there is a risk for the scope of protection of the right to be misplaced.
The problems at hand are first a certain incoherence in the application of freedom of religion, a lack of consensus on the definition of freedom of religion and the effect of migration on these two factors, as well as the vice versa, i.e. the effect of these issues on the protection of rights of migrants.
The solution proposed is to establish an approach to freedom of religion which guarantees the rights intended, starting off from the original scope and purpose of freedom of religion, with the broader aim of promoting peace and stability in the region in the face of increased migration and changing demographics in the region.


Keywords: EU migration and asylum policy, EU Migration Law, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: France

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University of Strasbourg


ED 101

Supervisor: Anne Fornerod
Start date: 01-10-2017
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
PhD research funded by: Private funding
Name of grant: Bourse du Gouvernement francaise
Added to catalogue on: 29-01-2019

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