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Diana Garcés Amaya

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Discipline: Political Science

Degrees BA: Political science.


Gender Studies.

Peace & Human Rights

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The recognition of gender-based persecutions on the Spanish asylum policy: Drawing debates and criticisms

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The Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees has undergone a process of reconceptualization and reinterpretation in the international community and has been adapting to new realities and more contemporary debates. At the same time, the regulation of the European Union and the national asylum policies have incorporated more "progressive" changes in relation to the recognition of gender-based persecutions, opening the notion of “persecution” to include the experiences of women.
However, there are still barriers that limit the right of asylum in the structural order such as the androcentrism on the legal order and the administrative procedures, the arbitrary representations about "women of the third world", the "securitization" regime and the closing of borders that we are witnessing.
In this order of ideas, in the feminists theoretical approaches have been notables the propositions to include non-state prosecutors as armed groups, communities and (Anker, 2001, Groupe Asile Femmes, 2005, Craely, 2018), to recognize the possibility that women are also persecuted for political reasons when their actions are an open criticism of the value systems and gender orders (Miguel Juan, 2104, Mopo Kobanda, 2006), the prevailing need to include the domestic violence lived in the country of origin (Bookey, 2012, Liberman, 2002, Viero, 2013).
In this case, I would like to explore and address the theoretical debates to understand which kind of approximations are reflected on the Spanish legislation, regulations and jurisprudence concerning asylum seekers, which are the reaches and moreover the limitations regarding to the protection of women`s rights.
This proposal is based on a documentary and theoretical analysis, it stands from the feminist theories and seeks to contribute to the understanding the existing barriers of host countries so that the women rights be effectively protected.


Keywords: asylum law, Common European Asylum System, persecution, sexual violence, women and girls

Language(s) of writing: Spanish, English,

Country: Spain

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University of Granada


Migration Institute

Supervisor: Josefa Ruiz
Start date: 01-01-2018
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
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