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Camille Pascal

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Degrees BA: Philosophy


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Citizenship Without Residence

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The primary interest of my research is to understand whether residing, i.e. having one’s habitual dwelling place, in a territory is necessary to become member of the peoplehood of this territory. My intuition is that it is not the case. In particular, I am interested in the recent reflection on the disaggregation of the state as a territorial jurisdiction and the state as a Nation/Peoplehood. Conflicts over territorial sovereignty show that the common understanding of the boundaries of a state is that a state is both a jurisdiction and the territory of one peoplehood only: a state must be delineated by a people that shares values, common ways of life in virtue of living close to each other. Such an understanding leads logically to the conclusion that one needs to reside on the territory of the state to be part of the peoplehood. However, globalization and the increase of migration have challenged this assumption as the population of one territory tends to be less stable than before. The case of non-resident citizens, i.e people who expatriated, shows that it is possible to remain part of the peoplehood at the same time as residing outside of the territory delineating this peoplehood. I am then interested in understanding what is needed in order to become part or to stay part of a peoplehood. It seems obvious that it is attached to the quality of the links the individual have to the peoplehood but it is less obvious that it comes from the territory where the peoplehood have settled.


Keywords: citizenship, demos, droit des étrangers et de la nationalité, national identity, Rights of entry and residence, sovereignty

Language(s) of writing: French and English

Country: Belgium
Supervisor: Axel Gosseries
Start date: 15-09-2017
PhD current status: PhD Defended
PhD research funded by: UClouvain
Name of grant: Assistant
Added to catalogue on: 30-09-2018

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