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Kilian Umbach

Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: 1. State Degree


Mag. Jur.

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Migration Administration of the European Union
Operations In and Outside the European Union´s Territory - Legality and Control

Brief description:

The European Union experiences an increasing expansion of administrative powers. The so called agencification in the European Union also takes place in the field of migration. After the crisis of the refugees in 2015 the member states first amplified Frontex´ powers giving it a revamp in 2016 and recently in 2019. Furthermore, an agreement was made to a revision of EASO which is since this year the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA).
Those two agencies will, regarding the EU budget, receive an – comparably – enormous amount of money and personnel till 2027. This staff, working under an expanded mandate, will not only be deployed decentral in Warsaw respectively Valetta but also work throughout the Union and beyond.
New powers and extended operations bring about the possibility of legal frictions namely problems of legality, fundamental rights violations, or other violations of Union law.
My dissertation will deal with these topics looking precisely at the new regulations of Frontex and the EUAA. Moreover, other relevant actors in the field of migration administration such as Europol or the Commission will be examined. The dissertation´s novelty is to deliver a broad assessment in the field of migration administration in the EU by showing similarities and discrepancies between the different agencies and actors.
The thesis will deal with problems of compatibilities with primary Union law. Furthermore, I will focus on control of operations in and outside the Union by the relevant actors will be another focus of my work. Current trends of externalisation also play a major role in the EU migration administration.
Queries that raise in the field of migration administration need to be analysed not only generally but especially regarding new regulations and their implementation. My work will delve into other judgements of the ECJ and ECtHR on accountability and jurisdiction comparing it with the actual work of the migration administration of the European Union.
To sum up, the dissertation gives an overall view on migration administration. It´s focus on actors’ legality in regard of primary law as well as control within European framework on an updated basis following current trends will enhance an understanding of lawfulness and limits in EU migration law.


Keywords: Administrative Law, Common European Asylum System, externalization, JHA agencies, judicial accountability

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: Germany

Home University:

University of Konstanz


Faculty of Law

Supervisor: Daniel Thym
Start date: 01-10-2021
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
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Added to catalogue on: 16-06-2022

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