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Ana Kršinić

Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: University of Zagreb


University of Zagreb (Integrated BA-LLM program)

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Modern Technologies as a Tool of Achieving Fairness in EU Asylum Procedure

Brief description:

The working hypothesis of the PhD is that modern technologies will be able to achieve a more fair and more effective asylum procedure governed at the moment by Directive 2013/31/EU.
The research will focus on a couple of main questions in order to determine if this hypothesis is actually true.
Firstly, there is a question of what actually means to have an effective and fair procedure. This will be determined from a comparative of the understanding of these terms in academia, administration and asylum seekers themselves. This part of the research will be used as a basis for determining what to look for in modern technologies and how to use them in asylum procedures. It wishes to compare how the understanding of these terms differs when looked at form the perspective of different actors and if there is a definition that can be universally used. The possibility of technologies even being able to achieve these goals will be put under scrutiny.
Secondly, the research will look into asylum procedures of different Member States and compare the technologies used to determine if there are good practices and the usage of modern technologies which facilitate an effective and fair asylum procedure. The main focus of this part of the research will be the comparison of Members States deemed as "hotspots" (Greece, Italy, Croatia) and Member States which have not been on the forefront of the, mainly, 2015 crisis and have not had to deal with a mass influx of asylum seekers and other migrants from third countries (France, Austria).
The result of the research will give a comprehensive look into the technologies that are currently used in asylum procedures in different Member States and will try to give an answer to what would be the optimal use of modern technologies of an effective and fair EU asylum procedure.


Keywords: Asylum Procedures, Asylum Procedures directive, EU Asylum Law, fairness, Modern Technologies

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: Croatia

Home University:

University of Zagreb


Faculty of Law

Supervisor: Iris Goldner Lang
Start date: 01-04-2022
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
PhD research funded by: Volkswagen Stiftung
Name of grant: Funded as part of the AFAR project
Added to catalogue on: 17-06-2022

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