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Daniel Braga Nascimento

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Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: LLB


LLM - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR)

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The Migration Red Carpet: Naturalization for highly-skilled & investors

Brief description:

Has citizenship law changed during the last century? It certainly presents new ways of acquisition of citizenship (naturalization processes) with over half of the countries in the world now permitting dual citizenship. Ius sanguinis and ius solis have expanded with ius resident (acquisition of citizenship by time of residence in a country) and ius pecuniai (acquisition of citizenship by investment of a sum of money in a country). This research project wants explores the question: How do investment and highly skilled migration policies impact the concept of citizenship? Comparing the citizenship regimes and residence regulations of countries that apply policies related to these topics will enable to understand how the possibility of acquisition of citizenship by highly skilled migration and investment migration were introduced in these countries and what is the historical development of citizenship law in these legal systems until they enacted the regulations on highly-skilled migration and investment migration. My focus is understanding how the idea of "genuine link" was referred by the European Commission as an argument against citizenship by investment and how this relates to belonging in the European Union.


This dissertation draws on a larger body of primary and secondary sources collected on investment migration/citizenship law and highly skilled migration/citizenship law. I also collect information from the available government documents, government reports, third-party reports, and newspaper articles.

Keywords: belonging, Citizenship Law, highly-skilled migrants, Investment Migration, intégration

Language(s) of writing: English

Country: Germany

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Faculty of Law

Supervisor: Anuscheh Farahat
Start date: 01-10-2020
PhD current status: PhD Ongoing
PhD research funded by: Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung
Name of grant: PhD Scholarship
Added to catalogue on: 19-06-2022

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