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Marie Courtoy

Discipline: Law

Degrees BA: Sociology and anthropology ; Law



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Environmental migration: the search for a balance between environmental justice and migratory justice

Brief description:

Despite the acuity of the problem and the abundance of sources on the subject, environmental migrants do not currently have at their disposal an adequate protection framework adapted to the needs of this specific situation. The adoption of protection standards now seems utopian. In addition to the difficulty of reaching a political compromise, the proposed solutions are partial and lack a solid basis. Nothing less surprising, however, given the complexity of the subject. The diversity of migration scenarios, the mix of migration drivers and, above all, the interaction between the multiple actors in the landscape make the law powerless when it tries to use its traditional schemes. Before considering a solution, it is necessary to get a better understanding of the problem in all its complexity. The anthropological approach is a privileged tool in this regard since it allows us to enrich the search for solutions with empirical data collected from first source. The final objective is to highlight the different interests at stake, trying to achieve maximal variety in viewpoints, in order to balance them and suggest a balanced proposal that could inspire policies that are sustainable.


Keywords: asylum law, climate change refugees, migrations, environmental migration, environment, anthropology

Potential language(s) of writing: French and English

Added to catalogue on: 02-07-2019

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