This is the Events catalogue, a decentralised database which is part of a series of catalogues hosted by the Odysseus Network under its OMNIA project. This decentralised catalogue gathers events in the area of EU migration and asylum law and policy with a view to providing a reliable tool for researchers and stakeholders working on the area.

For any query regarding one of our catalogues, please contact us at odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.be

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can add an event to this catalogue?

Anyone can submit an event to be added to this catalogue by following the page “Submit an event”. However, your submission will have to be approved by the administrator (the Odysseus Team) before it appears on the catalogue.

Are events added to the catalogue immediately?

No, events are not immediately added to the catalogue. In order to guarantee that the information has been submitted correctly, the administrator (the Odysseus Team) first needs to approve the submission. The Odysseus Team will only approve those submissions that respect the criteria and it can also edit minor elements to avoid typos or language mistakes. It will not base the approval decision on the content of the event, as long as the criteria are respected.

Who is responsible for the content of this catalogue?

The person who submits the information for inclusion in this catalogue is ultimately responsible for its content. This is a decentralised catalogue that is open to the public, which means that the administrator (the Odysseus Team) only accepts or denies the submission based on the established criteria. For any query on the content of this catalogue, please contact odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.be

I found a mistake in this catalogue. How can I have it fixed?

We are sorry you found a mistake in this catalogue. Please contact us at

odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.be, providing the Odysseus Team with detailed information about the mistake. We will do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

I want my event to be removed from this catalogue, what should I do?

Please contact us at odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.beproviding the Odysseus Team with the name and link to the event(s) you would like to have removed from this catalogue. We apologise for any inconvenience and we will proceed with the deletion of the information as quickly as possible.