Lyra Jakuleviciene


Dr. Lyra Jakuleviciene is a lawyer specialising in international and EU law. She is a professor at Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) with teaching and research experience on human rights, asylum and migration issues for over 15 years. Since 2005 she is a legal expert of the Odysseus Legal Academic Network (asylum, migration) for Lithuania and also served in the Observatory on Free Movement of Workers in Europe (2005-2013).

Throughout her professional career she advised the Governments and other stakeholders of several countries in Central and Eastern Europe on asylum, migration and border control issues, served as expert in drafting legislation and conducting trainings in these fields.

Apart from her research activities, she held various positions at national and international organisations, Soderkoping process in Lithuania and abroad. She has over 15 years of experience leading the Offices of UNHCR and UNDP in Lithuania and has worked also in Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine. In 2013 she has been nominated by Lithuania as a candidate for the position of judge from Lithuania at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and co-arbitrator at the OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration.

Among her recent publications are:

  1. “Vulnerable persons as a new sub-group of asylum seekers?”, contribution to a book by Bruyllant (forthcoming in autumn 2014);
  2. “Realizing free movement of EU nationals and their family members in Lithuania”, Spanish Immigration Law Review, Revista de Empleo y Seguridad Social, Numero 110, Serie Migraciones Internacionales, 2014;
  3. „European Court of Human Rights: Constitutional Justice v. Individual?“// article, Jurisprudence, Vol. 12(2), 2014, p. 373-398’
  4. „Protection under the European Convention on Human Rights – Oasis for Asylum Seekers in Europe?“// article, Jurisprudencija, Vol. 20(3), 2013, p. 855-899, co-author: Vladimiras Siniovas;
  5. “Qualification Directive 2004/83/EC: Lithuanian experience seven years after its’ transposition to Lithuanian legislation”// article, Ethnicity Studies, 2013/1, In Flexum, Vilnius, p. 62-85, ISSN 1822-1041;
  1. “Impact of Human Rights on Asylum and Immigration: Newest European Tendencies“// article, Societal Innovations for Global Growth‘, No. 1(1), 2012;
  2. “Procedural problems in LGBT asylum cases“//article, Jurisprudencija, Vol. 19(1), 2012, p. 195–207;
  3. „Lessons of first decisions of the European Court of Justice in asylum cases“ // article, Jurisprudencija, Vol. 19(2), 2012, p. 477–505;
  4. „International Treaty Law“// book, Registrų centras, Vilnius, 2011, 416 p.;
  5.  „Need for extension of subsidiary protection under the European Union Qualification Directive?“// article, Jurisprudencija, Vol. 2(120), 2010, p. 215-232;
  6. “Setting up a Common European Asylum System”// Study, European Parliament, Brussels, 2010, p. 174-206;
  7.  “Harmonization of asylum legislation in the European Union and Member States Law”// article in a book “EU Law and Member State Law. Legal Questions from the Border Zone between Community Law and Domestic Law”//University of  Pitesi publishing, 2010;
  8. “Refugee Law“// book, Mykolas Romeris University/Baltijos kopija, Vilnius, 2005, 503 p. (awarded by the National Academy of Science in 2006).

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