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The 2017 Odysseus Annual Conference organised in cooperation with the European Commission’s Representation in Belgium critically assessed the developments in European Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy during the year 2016, as well as cast a look into 2017. Please see the conference programme for a comprehensive overview on the different workshops and speakers.

We are sharing on this page a selection of background material, some of which was presented at the conference itself. In case of questions, please write us at odysseusomnia@ulb.ac.be.

Video Recordings of the conference

Stream 1: Cooperation between Member States

Plenary Sessions and Stream 2: Protection of Persons

Stream 3: Management of Migration Flows


Selection of presentations given at the conference

Opening Plenary Session

Mr Simon Mordue – Keynote speech: Beyond ‘Crisis’? The State of Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in the EU

Prof Thomas Spijkerboer – External aspects of European migration policy

Dr Simon Labayle – Valeurs de l’Union européenne et crise de l’immigration


Closing Plenary Session

Mr Neven Mimica – Keynote speech: Towards a Consensus on a long-term migration policy in 2017?

Ms Sophie Magennis – Concluding remarks: Towards Consensus on a long-term migration policy in 2017?


Workshop 1 – Towards a European Border and Coast Guard?

Prof Jorrit Rijpma – Frontex is dead… Long Live Frontex?


Workshop 2 – Judicial Interactions in control of Return and Asylum Detention

Dr Madalina Moraru – Judicial scrutiny of return detention in the Member States: clarifying the concept of ‘risk of absconding’


Workshop 3 – European Databases: Setting Limits under Judicial Scrutiny

Dr Niovi Vavoula – European Databases: Setting Limits under Judicial Scrutiny


Workshop 5 – Why a third Generation of Asylum Legislation?

Prof Steve Peers – The Common European Asylum System: Phase Three

Prof Kees Groenendijk – Family reunification of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection


Workshop 6 – Legal Migration: How Blue will the New Card be?

Prof Philippe de Bruycker – How Blue will the New Card be?

Ms Cécile Hubert – Refonte de la directive Blue Card


Workshop 7 – Relocation: Why does it not work?

Dr Salvatore Nicolosi – Relocation in EU Asylum Law: A Real ‘Key Step in the Right Direction’?


Workshop 9 – The EU Migration Partnership Framework: An External Solution to the Crisis?

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax – LTV (Asylum) Visas as an Obligation under EU Law


Selection of publications by the speakers

Dr Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi

Bottom-up Salvation? From Practical Cooperation Towards Joint Implementation Through the European Asylum Support Office


Prof Thomas Spijkerboer:

Fact Check: Did the EU-Turkey Deal Bring Down the Number of Migrants and of Border Deaths?

Is the EU-Turkey refugee and migration deal a treaty? (with Maarten den Heijer, 2016)

Coercion, Prohibition, and Great Expectations: The Continuing Failure of the Common European Asylum System (with Maarten den Heijer and Jorrit Rijpma)

Prof Daniel Thym:

The ‘Refugee Crisis’ as a Challenge of Legal Design and Institutional Legitimacy


Dr Sergio Carrera:

The European Border and Coast Guard: Addressing migration and asylum challenges in the Mediterranean?


Prof Boštjan Zalar:

Judicial Interactions in control of Return and Asylum Detention


Ms Jo Antoons (Fragomen):

Proposal for a new EU BLUE Card Scheme: Fragomen views



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