10 EC directives in the sector of Asylum and Immigration

The Odysseus Academic Network has made a study on the
Conformity checking of the transposition by Member States
of 10 EC directives in the sector of Asylum and Immigration
done for DG JLS of the European Commission end 2007.

The study is about the transposition of 10 directives by Member States. More precisely, it covers extensively the legal measures adopted by the Member States to transpose those directives. As the process of transposition was not finished in some Member States, the authors decided to take into consideration the projects of national norms of transposition when they were accessible. It is important to note that those projects have been analysed like if they had been adopted as standing, which means that subsequent changes at national level are not covered by the study. The cut-off date for the national rapporteurs is in general 1st October 2007; later developments have only been taken into consideration whenever possible.
27 member States are covered by the study, including those not bound by several directives upon the request of the Commission which asked to be informed about the developments in those Member States in comparison with Community law.



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