OMNIA Project Overview

  • Omnia project logoFull title of the project: Odysseus Monnet Network for Immigration and Asylum
  • Acronym: OMNIA
  • Duration: from September 2015 until February 2019Print
  • Budget: The project is supported by the EU Commission through the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities
  • Objectives: The main goal of the OMNIA project is to forge, throughout the EU, a community of researchers and professors in the field of EU immigration and asylum. The project aims to gather information, enhance learning and exchange practices in this area. An open-access online platform will be set up so as to enhance the tools and information available to researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, NGO workers, university graduates, and the staff of national, European and international institutions. Click here for an interview wherein Professor De Bruycker explains OMNIA’s objectives and activities. 
  • Activities:

– Annual Policy Conference 

The Odysseus Network organizes Annual Policy Conferences, the first of which was held in February 2016. The conferences provide an opportunity to critically analyse the legal and policy developments of the previous year and discuss the challenges of the upcoming year. The conferences bring together participants and speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including members of the Odysseus Network, officials from the EU institutions and Member States, representatives from civil society and academics. We invite you to visit the pages of the 2016 Conference which focused on the theme of ‘Solidarity’, the 2017 Conference which had as title “Beyond Crisis” and the 2018 Conference which focused which as a title “Conflict and Compromise between Law and Politics

– EU Migration and Asylum Blog

As part of the OMNIA project, the Odysseus Network has launched a blog with the goal of offering critical legal and political analysis of recent developments in the field of immigration and asylum at both the European and national levels. The blog provides an open-access, pan-European information platform with assessments of the latest legal and policy developments. The blog can be visited at: eumigrationlawblog.eu.

– Catalogues and Information-Sharing

Odysseus will create two online catalogues on EU migration legislation and the jurisprudence of the Luxembourg and Strasbourg courts. Two catalogues on Publications and Events in the fields of EU migration and asylum law and policy are currently online and they are actively being used. We invite you to visit and start using them too. Three additional catalogues will be created soon to catalogue PhD students and their research topics, and professors and post-doctoral researchers in the field of migration and asylum. Access to the databases will be free and available to the public.

– Training Modules

The Odysseus Network will produce a new e-learning module per year, combining distance learning with face-to-face teaching. The courses will address the topics of access to European protection, access to European territory and access to EU labour markets.  Participation in the interactive exercises will be available for a moderate fee, and the reading materials will be freely available online.

– Promoting Academic Research

The Odysseus Network will put together an edited collection of papers each year, including contributions from academics, policy-makers and civil society representatives. This will be presented alongside the Annual Policy Conference. The Odysseus Network has also created two new prizes to honour outstanding contributions to academic research. The Odysseus prizes will be awarded for the best article by a young researcher and the best published monograph. The prizes will be presented at the Annual Policy Conference. Click here to see the winners of the prizes of publications from 2015.

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