2019 Scholarships for Refugees and #refYOUgees campaign

About scholarships for Refugees

Odysseus Scholarships for Refugees initiative is conceived as a response to the current asylum situation in Europe. The aim is to provide a number of refugee students with an opportunity to gain knowledge in European immigration and asylum law, and to help them integrate in Europe by allowing them to engage with European academics and continue their studies, which may have been interrupted due to forced departure from their home country.

Through a crowdfunding campaign, we are able to fund each year the full participation of around ten participants who hold refugee or subsidiary protection status in Europe. The funds cover registration fees and transportation costs, accommodation and living expenses for the entire duration of the Summer School.

To support our campaign, we created a social media platform to share faces and stories of persons who believe that a different model of integration is possible. Join us on Instagram and Twitter, and support the project, even with a small donation.

In the ‘Refugee Voices’ flyers, refugee students in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Summer School tell their stories:

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